Cornwall Vegan Festival presents: VeganRising Festival – Terms and conditions of booking

1. All items on sale, display or available must be vegan. If your company/organisation makes or sells non-vegan items, please do not display, sell or promote them at the Festival. Particular attention should be paid to ingredients such as beeswax or honey. The organisers reserve the right to ask stallholders to remove any non-vegan items from their stall and stallholders must agree to this. Any stallholder promoting non-vegan products/services may also be asked to leave.

2. All promotional materials on offer during the Festival should be vegan friendly and child friendly and should not promote any animal products or depict cruelty to animals.

3. Smoking policy – smoking is only permitted within designated outdoor areas at the Eco Park.

4. If you are a stallholder selling packaged food and drink products and/or handing out free tasters – insurance, allergy awareness and training, and the appropriate health and safety/food hygiene certificates and standards will be required. You must submit copies of your health and safety/food hygiene certificates and insurance with your booking form. Any cups served containing hot drinks must have caps fitted to them by the stallholder. The use of gas and naked flames is strictly prohibited in the inside and covered areas. The use of gas in the outdoor areas is by individual arrangement. Please make sure you let the organisers know if you are wanting to use your own bottled gas supply.

5. Catering stallholders agree to inform the organisers of their specific menus, and not alter this on the day.

6. The Eco Park have a policy of protecting the environment wherever possible, and demand that all suppliers use recycled or biodegradable products wherever possible. These include natural plates and cups. The venue operates a recycling policy throughout the site, and stallholders should ensure any rubbish is separated and placed in the correct bins. *PLEASE NOTE* Catering suppliers must provide their own waste bins, separated into food and recyclable or compostable container waste.

7. Stallholders are responsible for any accidents or injuries to the public caused by their products, display stands or their use of the space allocated to them, and must arrange their own Public Liability Insurance cover and Employers’ Liability Insurance cover, and have current Food Hygiene and Electrical safety certificates as applicable. All electrical equipment used must have been PAT tested within the last 12 months or be under 12 months old.

8. Stallholders are responsible for their own goods at the event and no responsibility is accepted by the organisers for loss, damage or financial loss due to abandonment or cancellation of the event due to factors beyond our control or any other factors. The organisers will not be able to refund any money taken in advance of the Festival in any circumstances.

9. Cancellations: Stallholders wishing to cancel their booking will be entitled to a full refund if they can find another stallholder to take their place on a like-for-like basis, and if that stallholder is accepted by the festival organisers. No refunds can be given for any other cancellations; for stallholders, sponsorship or advertising unless a request is made in writing within 7 days of the online booking form being received, in which case a full refund will be made.

10. Stallholders are responsible for their behaviour at all times and must ensure that any members of staff or volunteers behave appropriately. Shouting, threatening or unruly behaviour, abusive language, violence, or disrespect in any way to other stallholders, visitors, venue staff, event volunteers, organising team, or any other people within the building, will not be deemed acceptable in any circumstances and anyone who is found to be in breach of this may be subject to eviction from the premises at any time with no explanation and no refunds.

11. Stallholders agree to have their stalls ready by 10am the day of the Festival, and agree not to breakdown until after 5pm. Trading hours are 11am – 5pm. Entry from 8am for stallholders. Please note: stallholders are not permitted to setup once the venue is open to the public, and stallholders must leave the venue by 6pm.

12. Collections for Charities and non-profits are permitted but ONLY by registered stall holders and only at the site of the stall. Collectors are not permitted to walk around the venue or outside the venue collecting for charities or distributing leaflets or literature under any circumstances.

13. Exhibitors, visitors and speakers may appear in promotional photos/videos/documents for this and future events without prior consultation.

14. We are unable to offer refunds in the case of any non-appearances by people/stallholders advertised to appear at the show. Refunds will only be offered in instances where a stallholder sends payment before their position has been approved by the Cornwall Vegan Festival organising committee.

15. In the case of any dispute, disagreement, accident, incident or query the organisers will decide upon action to be taken at their sole discretion.

16. All stall, sponsorship and event programme advert bookings are subject to availability. We will inform you as soon as possible (by phone, email or post) if anything you book is not available. The organisers reserve the right to withdraw items from sale without notice.

17. Acceptance of stall, sponsorship and event programme advert bookings are solely at the discretion of the organisers. Offers are subject to the correct booking fee being paid. Bookings may be refused to avoid stall duplication or for any other reason at the sole at the discretion of the organisers. Reasons for refusal or cancellation may not be given.

18. Location of stalls within the stated venue will be decided upon by the organisers. Stall location within the stated venue, size, type and the availability of electricity may be varied by the organisers without notice.

19. These Terms and Conditions may be varied or added to at any time without notice; the most up to date Terms and Conditions will always be available on the website.

19b. Any offer made by the organisers is subject to the correct booking fee being paid, valid insurances, and any additional certification requested by the organisers. Offers may be invalidated if an applicant fails to produce, when requested, any documentation asked for by the organisers.

20. Additional terms for caterers:- To pay Cornwall Vegan Festival the stall fee in its entirety (including any additional power supply), upon invoice. In any circumstance whereby this single invoice is left unpaid, within 14 days upon receipt,, your stall will be offered to other traders.

21. To provide accurate measurements of your stall including any prep areas, guide ropes, tow bars, and vehicles. Any stalls found to be larger than the size stated on the application form will be billed accordingly.

22. To only use electricity supplied by the festival – generators are not permitted.

23. All food packaging must be biodegradable & compostable. Pizza boxes are not allowed. Any prep/food containers must be reusable or recyclable. Caterers are required to use biodegradable/compostable boxes/plates, cutlery and cups only. Glass is not permitted on the festival site. If you are found with glass you will be asked to take it off site.

24. To leave your pitch clear of all waste/recycling/stock/infrastructure and in a clean and tidy fashion when you depart from the site. Please take all your ‘waste’ with you, thank you.

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