Foodie Section at Cornwall Vegan Festival

Vegan Food at its very best!

Cornish Vegan stall 12

Lettices stall 3

Enjoy Vegan Food stall 16

Wildebeest stalls 4 and 5

Little Green Vegan Bakery stall 34

Cornish Vegan Pasty Company stall 33

Vood Bar stall G3

Sharaf Natural Foods stall G8

Brew Cornwall stall G2

Hubbub Ice Cream  stall G1

Wildflower stall G7

Chocolate and treats to take home

Solkiki stall 10

Natures Treats stall 11

Viva! stall 6

Ethica stalls 1 and 2

Cornwall’s Chocolate Cove stalls 25 and 26

And a late addition to our party!




For all things vegan in Cornwall!