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The Cornwall Vegan Festival is always a huge success!

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The Vegan Festival of Britain

Did you see our posters in the M&S car park on Lemon Quay?  We are still reeling from the 100’s of people that visited us last year and we could not have hoped for a better turnout!

Cornwall Vegan Festival Sunrise
Cornwall Vegan Festival Vegan Spring

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Did you see our BIG bus stop poster campaign?

Since August 2016, amongst other activities,  we have been raising awareness through a number of strategically placed, eye-catching displays on bus shelters in Truro, and in the run up to Christmas also in Penryn and Penzance.

#baublestocruelty Christmas Poster Truro Dec 2016
#costofchristmas Christmas Poster Truro December 2016










We love it when people share our posts, pictures and events, so if  you feel like tagging and sharing on your social media profiles, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc.  please do! And let us know with a #cornwallvegans hashtag! Please let us know if you want to contribute to our campaigns by emailing us or you can paypal at cornwallanimlaction@riseup.net – thank you! cornwallvegan@gmail.com .

Resources at your fingertips

While we’re working on our website, you may like to take a look at some of these other places, such as our Facebook pages (there’s one for general discussion and events as well as a dedicated page for the Cornwall Vegan Festival). Below we’ve also added a few other resources where you can find out more about the many reasons why it is so important to make the change and be the change in the world today. Rest assured for as long as we are here, we will always be supportive of anyone wanting to make the move to a vegan lifestyle.

#MyBodyMyLife lamb Poster featured Truro October and Penzance December 2016

New to veganism? Take a look at the Vegan Starter Kit, this is a great  site where you can find out more about why and how to be vegan







#someoneonnotsomething poster Truro October/Novemeber 2017

If you would like to connect with other people who are already vegans, or are making dedicated steps towards a vegan lifestyle you may want to check out our vibrant community on the Cornwall Vegans Facebook page 





Cowspiracy is one of the most talked about films in recent years. A deep independent and personal investigation into the effects of animal agriculture on the planet as a whole, featuring expert interviews, incredible facts and much more compelling evidence,  just watching this film has been enough to make many people around the world choose a vegan lifestyle. When you hear ex cattle ranchers from Texas saying that it’s time to change, it’s definitely time to think about how you live your life.

The first of many..#MyBabyMyMilk poster Truro, August/September 2016

You can see video trailers, interviews and quickly glance at the key statistics on the website http://www.cowspiracy.com

Earthlings is an powerful film showing that rather than thinking in terms of human beings as separate to wildlife, pets, and farmed animals, we are all earthlings.  This was the first film from independent production company Nation Earth. Their second film Unity is available to view now, meanwhile production is well underway for their third film, Beings.

Their website is http://www.nationearth.com

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