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#MyBabyMyMilk poster Truro September 2016. Also featured in an article in the West Briton along with Earthlings and door to door leafleting campaigns.

Our aim is to provide a valuable resource for vegans and pre-vegans who live in Cornwall as well as for those who are visiting the county, on holiday or business!

‘Cornwall Vegans’ is a committed community of  individuals spread across the county, so pretty much wherever you go in Cornwall you’ll probably find a vegan who will be happy to help answer any questions.

Could you be a vegan?

“Typical Vegans..just eating some grass!” Mr Greens Market Garden stall at Cornwall Vegan Festival, 2017

The answer is definitely yes, in fact, more and more people are making a conscious choice to leave animals and their products off their plates and out of their lifestyle. In fact, the most frequent regret you’ll ever hear a new vegan say is: ‘I wish I’d done it sooner!’ See Veganuary for hints and tips; veganstarterkit for the nuts and bolts of starting out; and bevegantoday for many local useful links and blog posts.

What is a vegan?

A vegan is an individual who has made a decision to no longer consume anything which involves the exploitation of an animal. When we say consume, we mean it in the widest sense. We’re not just talking about what you eat, but products we buy and use every day, from clothes and shoes to cosmetics, cleaning products and even cars. With an ever increasing number of vegan friendly alternatives there really is no excuse not to try. 

see Donald Watson for the definitive definition.

Did you see our BIG bus stop poster campaign?

Since August 2016, amongst other activities,  we have been raising awareness through a number of strategically placed, eye-catching displays on bus shelters in Truro, and in the run up to Christmas 2016, we also displayed Christmas themed posters not only in Truro but also in Penryn and Penzance.

#baublestocruelty Christmas Poster Truro Dec 2016
#costofchristmas Christmas Poster Truro December 2016









We love it when people share our posts, pictures and events, so if you feel like tagging and sharing on your social media profiles, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. please do! (we’re on Instagram @cornwallvegans). And let us know with a #cornwallvegans hashtag! Please let us know if you want to contribute to our campaigns by emailing us or you can paypal at cornwallanimlaction@riseup.net – thank you! cornwallvegan@gmail.com .

Cornwall Vegan Festival takes place on 13th April 2019 at the Mount Pleasant Eco Park, next year will be bigger than ever! It is Cornwall’s largest vegan event, everyone is welcome and it is free, dog friendly, with plenty to do for families too!

Partyon for the Planet at Cornwall Vegan Festival!
Cornwall Vegan Festival supported by Cornwall Animal Action

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